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“A global leader in RF & Microwave for wireless communication on the Ground, in the Air and Space.”

Since its foundation in 2010, XMW has been exploring new markets that require unprecedented products such as Ka-band BUC, multi-band BUC, multi/simul-band LNB and multi-band antenna systems. XMW has invested heavily and continuously in research and development to launch state-of-the-art SATCOM products that enable the innovative service providers and users to create greater value and lead the industry.

Based on our core technologies in SATCOM & Microwave, we have been expanding our business to Terrestrial and Aerospace industries in a synergetic way together with on-going SATCOM business. For Terrestrial domain, XMW has focused on Mobile 5G and RADAR as these sectors require our core technologies, also we have built strong partnership with innovative companies worldwide for R&D and business development in these sectors. For Aerospace, we released a few airborne series for SATCOM in the Air and the new products for Astronomy in 2017. Aerospace is the XMW's ultimate destination as shown in its corporate slogan "Connecting the Earth to Space". To reach the ultimate destination, we will strive to overcome all kinds of obstacles in front of us and be open to the partnership with industry leaders in Aerospace.

By combining three business areas, SATCOM, Terrestrial, and Aerospace, XMW is committed to become a world-leading company in wireless equipment industry by 2020 and contribute to exploring unknown universe in the future. To realize our goal, we will be always at the forefront to provide cutting-edge products and services with its corporate value of Harmony, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to our customers pioneering a new business and creating a new world.

  • President & CEO, Jin Lee
  • President & CEO, Jin Lee sign
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